Axxe makes high performance wetsuits that provide unparalleled freedom and range of motion while remaining light and warm.

Our goal at Axxe is to equip you with the best custom wetsuit available in the world. Your Axxe wetsuit is a handcrafted work of art designed and built specifically for your body in Japan. Years of experience making wetsuits with innovative and proprietary materials have given us insight into the best ways to maintain and protect the beauty and integrity of these unique suits. Performance and flexibility are severely diminished by constructing a wetsuit from stiffer, inferior materials. At Axxe we strive to make our suits the absolute “butteriest”. In order to maintain the life of an Axxe wetsuit proper handling is crucial. Please remember that there is no such thing as an indestructible suit. Aging over time and “wear and tear” with use is normal and to be expected.

We offer a non-zip model, The Bohemian II, as well as The Classic, representing the traditional back zip suit.
Take care of your Axxe wetsuit and it will take care of you. Enjoy.